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        Hello… I was told by a plumber that it’s better to have a shut off valve for a new dishwasher put in the basement of the house rather than right under the kitchen sink next to the dishwasher. The plumber is supposedly a master plumber. Can anyone please tell me which is best?? The dishwasher is in place with the soil line attached… the only thing left to do is hook up the water supply. Thank you!

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        Avatar photodaveroconn

          So if you need to turn the hot water off that is spraying under the sink or underneath the dishwasher you might get burned.

          Good advice if you have a basement. If you have no basement,I would use a ball valve under the sink. Angle stops made today are just so cheap and it’s getting really hard to find good ones anymore.

          Respectfully David

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          Avatar photoGuest

            I would install the shut-off valve under the sink, no question! More than likely, a dishwasher shut-off valve in the basement would be up at the floor joists. If you ever had to get to it fast, you’d have to scramble for a chair or a ladder first to reach it.

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            Avatar photoSylvanLMP

              Normally I would install a shut off near the fixture BUT Dave has a very valid point as to temperature PLUS the Master plumber is there we are NOT.

              You may have an instant hot or and a garbage disposal in the way to getting access to the valve fast enough.

              You either trust your professional plumbers advice or not that is your decision Good Luck.

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              Avatar photobungie

                The only problem with putting it in the basement, is its assumed to be in the cupboard as thats the standard way its done. When you move on, the next folks have a problem and spend 10mins trying to find the valve to turn off the units water supply

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