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      I am concerned about the usuage of LP Gas that I am going through for a family of 5 people. We just moved into a new house that is using about $150.00 dollars of LP Gas per month. At our old house we had natural gas but did not use more than $15.00 per month.

      In the new house the water heater is constantly running and we are always running out of hot water. I did notice that we had a natural recirculating system that the pipes are not insulated. Our water heater has a digital stat on it. It is 80 gals and if I turn it off within 1 hour the temperature drops from 130 to 115 degrees with no hot water being used. Should this recirculating line be insulated.

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      I would say the hot water heater being 80 gallons is a bit much for a family of 5 especially a gas one. What was the size of your old one?

      Respectfully David

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      Harold Kestenholz

      Unless you are using 360 gallons of hot water per day or your LP is $3.00 per gallon your bill is extremely high.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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