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      Hi there.
      I live in England and am looking for an electric tankless/on-demand hot water system that will work with English electricity (240 V., 50 Hz.)to provide hot water for a washing machine (large capacity domestic American style). The washer requires 15 psi of water through a 3/4″hose connection; what that means in gallons/minute I don’t know – but I suspect you do. Question: can you recommend an electric tankless hot water heater? Will the German made one you have on sale do for me? (I can’t find anyone in England who knows anything about tankless electric systems!)

      Eagerly awaiting your reply, I am sincerely yours,

      Polly Bowles

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      Harold Kestenholz

      I understand these people speak English.
      Eemax Ireland (North and South)
      Contact: Roddy Clarke
      Promotek Ltd.
      19 St. Ives Gardens
      Belfast BT9 5DN
      Northern Ireland
      Tel: (44)-(0)-1232-664112
      Fax: (44)-(0)-1232-664112
      e-mail: S.Turner@qub.ac.uk

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