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      I have copper pipes. Before when I was on community water things were fine. Now that I have a well, my water is staining my bathtub and sinks green. What causes this and what can i do about it?

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      You first need to have your water tested. It maybe as simple as investing into a water softener. Good luck .

      Will and Cary Seattle Washington

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      Have water tested first, this would be a great place to start. http://h2otest.com/index.html
      Visit this site it will be very informative http://www.ianr.unl.edu/PUBS/water/g1360.htm

      Respectfully David F. Walling

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      Follow David’s 2 suggestions. All water is not the same. Most municipal water facilities treat the water to prevent corrosion. Thie add a food grade chemical usually a phosphate. Private well owner’s do not until a problem is identified. You apparently have a problem that needs to be identified. A water softener will not correct a problem such as yours. There are several solutions depending upon what the problem causer is.

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      I am a chemist, not a plumber, but I do water quality testing as a sideline to my fulltime job doing protein synthesis. Copper turns green when it comes in contact with either a strong oxidizer (like bleach, not chlorine, since bleach is hypochlorite). My bet is that the water is more acidic than to be expected like a pH of 6 or lower. pH testing is one of the simplest to do, so I’d start there.


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