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      My grinder pump now hums and only works sometimes and has been causing overflows due to this. I know I have to replace it ,but since only wash water and water used to clean the water filters is pumped out do I need a grinder pump or will something else(cheaper) also work.

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      Dan, First make sure the impeller on your grinder pump is turning freely. You may just have some material stuck there and this could cause the pump to fail. However, if it is time for a new pump, you should be fine with a regular sump pump in place of the grinder. Make sure you buy the best you can afford. Water damage can be a lot more expensive than a new pump. My personal recomendation is Zoellers M-53. It will allow 1/2 solids to pass through the vortex style impeller. (Please note: I do not work for Zoeller) Costs about $110 US.

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