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      I live in a building that was built in the 1950s. Heating is by hot water. I live below the penthouse which has its own thermostat for temperature regulation. Whenever their heat comes on, pipes throughout ceiling and walls begin to tap or knock, somtimes rapidly, sometimes slowly but always too loudly. The landlord seems to think that the pipes are vibrating and knocking against the inner walls and ceiling. He claims to have tried everything to correct the problem, to no avail, having cut holes in the ceiling and walls to stabilize the pipes. When one area is secure, apparently, another area begins to vibrate with the rush of water in the pipes.

      Is this accurate? Can nothing be done? Would bleeding the pipes to release trapped air fix the problem?

      I welcome any assistance.

      Thanks kindly,

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      Harold Kestenholz

      The cause of the banging in your water system pipes is a best guess from any distance. This problem needs to be examined by a qualified, experienced heating plumber.

      A pump, pipe, hanger combination can set pipe in motion to cause knocking.

      Air in the pipe can move columns of water through pipe to bang against fittings. Usually you will hear water rushing noises along with the banging.

      The boiler itself can have pockets of steam develop that will send banging through the pipe system.

      All of these need to be checked by a competent service person.

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      Edward try lowering your thermostat

      then see if the noise stops.

      Sometimes on hydronic systems we have a condition called “hunting” where a zone valve HUNTS (chatters) as it isnt quite satified as to the proper setting.
      Hey its worth a shot.

      I had this happen a lot as a stationary engineer on a high rise building especially with older valves.

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