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      I am tyring to remove an American Standard chomed brass shoe strainer from inside of A. S. tub (approx 20 years old). Will replace with Watts Brass, Brass replacement.( If I can get the old one out)
      I am using a strainer wrench with a #14 Stilson wrench for leverage as well as “Liquid wrench”, tapping with a hammer, (counter clockwise) but have been unsuccessful). I am trying to do this from inside the tub without ripping out the entire tub and floor/ceiling below.
      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
      Frustrated in NJ.

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      Stop tapping with the hammer or you may break the tubing threaded into the shoe. Use a mini hacksaw and cut two grooves through the strainer from top to bottom and out to the edge. Use a small cape or half round chisel to remove the piece between the cuts and then slightly fold the remainder towards the center. The strainer will then unscrew easily.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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