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      I’m reinstalling a toilet after the owner tiled the back wall – yep you guessed – the tank of the 2 piece toilet is too close to the wall or rather the wall is too close to the toilet tank – either way, I’m looking for the easy solution – any ideas?
      Thanks, MikeO

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      MikeO: Take the tank of the bowl,
      set the bowl and snug it down to the closet flange. Remount the tank using a new tank to bowl gasket. With any luck, you should be able to make it work.
      If the tank is pitched to far forward, sometimes the seat will not stay up…in that case have the landlord deal with it. and used Camels

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      fourth year

      Do you rent camels? And if so, will you come out into the desert and burp it if it gets a vapor lock?

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      Dont you have offset pan connectors in the states ??

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      Mssr. Fourth Year: My Brother-in-law Ahrmand is a Camel Trader as well as my humble self. He has a rental and leasing agreement that is the standard by which all others such dealers are mesured.
      As for your question re: vapor lock..all our Dromedaries have been to Camel obedience school and have had “Gastric By-pass proceedures” that preclude the possibility of such an occurence as mentioned in your post. They are however prone to bouts of flatulence occasionally.
      Credit is never a problem at my Camel lot…buy here, so schlep on down and ride out the camel of your choice with just a small down stroke.

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      I did it tis way for a couple ladies. The sad thet was good couse they dinnt hav to put the seat down anymore. I ask all my lady costmers if they want it this way now.

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      fourth year

      Have you heard the one about the Israeli who was riding a camel and how he knew he was on a boy camel?

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