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      ive noticed that after my water softner runs i have air in my lines.but once you get rid of it its gone untill it runs again, every 4 days,

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      Check the water level in your brine tank. If the tank is not refilling properly you will be sucking air in slow rinse if the water level is below minimum for the cycle length.

      Check the full function of your softener control head. Depending on age this may be some bad seals inside the head.

      It is not uncommon for the city water to have air in the water and this would have a chance to form at the top of the treatment tank. Do your neighbors have this problem too?


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      Softeners draw air in intentionally when the brine is exhausted during the recharge. But it should be flushed out during the rinse cycle. If you use water during the regeneration and the internall bypass system is not sealing properly, then some of the air can get out of the tank and thus will not be flushed out until you run your faucets.

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      i have well water, how do you know if your water level is correct in your tank?. or if my bypass is working correctly?. thanks.

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      The water level is usually about 10″ deep. If you run a faucet near the softener while the salt is being drawn into the system and it tastes salty, then the internal bypass is letting the regeneration water enter the plumbing system.

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