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      I work at an outdoor school and we are looking to construct a new cage for our python. We are looking for a large shower pan: 6 4 ft. Do you sell them, or know where we could purchase one that large?

      Thank you,

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      Have you considered making one out of 4 PSF sheet lead?

      Lead pans are easy to construct with no soldering required if you fold the corners

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      Jerry Peck

      I urge caution on the lead pan material.

      If this is exposed to handling, cleaning, contact with the python, etc. this could lead to possible lead hazards to the students who handle the python and clean the cage. Not to mention what this might do to the python.

      Is there any research on pythons crawling around on sheets of lead?

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      Brandon Seward

      Don’t use Lead!! make a pan out of duct tin.(same material as air duct, Galvinized steel). I never heard of a shower base that size!anything bigger than a 48×48 inch. is all they make as far as i know!

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      Jerry Peck

      Back in the days when I owned a renovation and remodeling construction firm we created a custom bathroom with a walk-in 7′ by 9′ shower with 4′ high enclosing glass block walls (the owner did not want any other enclosing walls and did not want the shower to splash outside the shower, with a seat for shaving legs and a rinse basin for the razor. Very nice and VERY large.

      My plumber used the pvc sheet shower pane material which can be glued together for larger than normal shower areas.

      I think you may need to use something like that.

      You do not want to use lead (lead poisoning hazards) nor do you want to use other metals (rust and / or corrosion will eventually leave sharp edges which can cause injury to the students and the python.
      [Edited by Jerry Peck on 02 November 2000]

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