okay, how about a 34″ round corner shower?

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      Does anyone know of a company that makes a 34″ round corner shower stall? The kind with the sliding glass door? I’ve seen ’em, so I know somebody makes ’em…



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      Jerry Peck

      So, this fits in a round corner?

      I think I know what you mean though. This has two straight sides and fits into a corner with the third side rounded as 1/4 circle arc from straigth side to straight side.

      Does this meet the minimum sq in of shower floor space in your local plumbing code? This would provide only 907 sq. in. of floor space. The plumbing code in my area requires 1024 sq. in. minimum (with a minimum width of 30″, you would meet the 30″ width, but not the minmum floor size). Check your local plumbing code before ordering this.

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