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      Help. At a loss of which directiob to run. For a few days the hot water pilot kept going out, and figuring it was a dirty line or air in line (just filled the tank) we relit the pilot and the burner wouldnt catch. Finally it did, and after an hour or so, went to check the pump house to find it full of steam and water (relief valve went). I was hoping to attribute it to the fact I turned up the fire a bit, so tried to light it again tonite with it turned down The water never got very hot, but the relief valve seemed to be lifting a bit and water dripping from the relief water/steam port. So, I am confused. Because it blew once do I need to replace relief valve? Could it be the thermostat? Do I replace both ? I have been able to hear my heater boil-bubble for quite awhile! HELP?

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