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      Hairline crack on 1/4″ plastic supply tube. (Caused by proximity to hot metal tube near compressor.)
      (This water line connects the turn-on/turn-off valve with the icemaker.)

      I do not want to replace the entire tube (5.5 ft long) and would like to repair it myself.
      Q1) Will electrician’s tape work if I put enough on it?
      Q2) Will cutting the crack (about 1″ portion) out and installing a coupler restrict the flow of water too much?
      Q2) Do they make a material to wrap around the tube that is better than electrician’s tape, and do I need any type of resin or glue?


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      Replacing the tube would be the best repair, but if you are determined to repair it, a coupler is the only way that will work.

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      The compression connector that you may use will come with brass sleeves and will not work with polyethelene tubing. You will need delrin sleeves and tubbing suports to use a brass compression fitting for your repair. If this is RO water the use of brass tubing supports is a bad idea. The acidity of the RO water will eat the brass tubing supports and the connector will fail in time. I have found stainless steel tubing supports they are made by Parker Hanafin. I would just use a John Guest fitting or replace the whole tube. Good luck

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      There is a coupling for that pipe where you just push the pipe in to it, as it draws back it grabs the pipe, but the pipe is cheap enough to replace the whole lot in one go.

      The pipe and coupling would be available from any water filter company that sell under bench units over there

Viewing 3 reply threads
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