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      It’s time to retire the old hot “Water Buffalo” and I am considering replacing it with a tankless unit. My house is relatively small(around 1700 sq. ft.- 3br/2bath) and it is just my wife and I that live in it. My question is, “Can I expect enough hot water at max loads (Bath + dish washer + Cloths washer) with a standard sized tankless unit? I had plenty of hot water with the 50 gallon electric tank heater we put in 6 years ago. Thanks, JHKUBRICK@AOL.COM

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      fourth year

      You should not have any problem with capacity as long as the gas line is adequate for the increased burner size and you will have to install a larger chimney/flue for it.

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      Have you considered an indirect water heater that heats as a separate zone from a gas/oil boiler?

      Weil McLain has the gold series

      Amtrol makes a good unit and The hottest one on the market now is the Phase 3 which the better plumbing supplies now carry

      Having a water heater you know you will have to replace about every 10-12 years plus the dangers of having a “fired pressure vessel” even if it is electric.

      These indirect heaters are much more energy efficient with much less stand by losses plus have a very large peek demand capacity.

      Why have the extra LARGER tank when this is a safe proven a energy proven system.

      Check out your options before investing in HW tank.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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