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      Does anyone know the name of a manufacturer of DC water heating elements that can be used in conventional electric water heaters? I am having a difficult time finding them. It would be for a 12, 24 or 48 VDC system. Thank you.

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      fourth year

      It would not work unless it is a 240 volt D.C. system. At 24 volts to get the same output the element would require 100 amps of power and at 12 volts 200 amps. The wires would have to be the size of the power lines to your main electric panel, besides needing a huge bank of batteries.

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      Chris Warfel1

      There are elements for the voltages I mentioned. I just don’t know who makes them. It will be operated by a windmill at a lighthouse, once the batteries are fully charged for removing humidity during the winter

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