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      I have recently experienced flucutations in the hot water temperature from my gas water heater. Additionally, when I turn on any cold water faucet in the house (bath, sink, shower etc.), I get warm to hot water first before the cold water comes out.What are possible causes for these symptoms?

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      John Probe

      How do I make a heat trap out of copper fittings? How is the heat trap installed with respect to the top of the water heater. Should one be installed on both the hot and cold sides, or just the cold side?Please reply to my email address.Thanks

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      John Probe

      John:–Install a heat trap on the water heater, it will prevent hot water from rising into the piping and creating this situation. You can purchase a ready made unit from most plumbing supply outlets, or fashion one out of copper fittings. Lots of luck…Bud.

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