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      I’ve read previous posts, regarding noise in water lines but my situation confuses me. The noise occurs with irregularity, even in the late evening/early morning hours when no one’s using running or flushing water. I seem to have isolated the noise to be coming from the vicinity of the hot water heater/humidifier area which are located in the basement. Another bizarre thing that happens when the noise occurs . . . if we’re watching TV, there’s static lines that show up on the screen, sort of like when a mixer is turned on. The house is 12 years old and we have lived in it for 2 years, whereas this noise just started 2 months ago. Can anyone help? Thanks!

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      Try shutting off your humidifier, and see if it stops. Especially if your humidifier is the type that has its own water supply. It could be a chattering solenoid on the intake line. shut the system off , if the noise goes away, youhave probably found the problem. Hope this helps. TK

Viewing 1 reply thread
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