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      I have a toilet made in 1954. I cannot find a manufacturer’s name on it. The overflow tube and the mount for the flapper are molded into the water tank. I must replace the flapper which has a 2 to 3″ wire attached to its center which
      in turn is held in place above the water outlet. it raises straight up when the handle is operated for a flush. Finally, the flabber’s bottom half has a rather extended cone shape which fits into the water outlet. Have you seen one before?
      Where can I find old parts for the 1950’s toilets?

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      Try Elger water closet

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      Freddrick: I th’o’t what ya gots iz an Eljer toilet. Parts fo’ dis here type o’ tank iz generally sold in kit form. uh new flush handle.uh flush ball. uh lift wire. Check dem largah plummin’ supply houses or plummin’ specialty shops. Lots o’ luck..Elzo…
      so what’s sup now?

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      fourth year

      Assuming the brass ball guide is not worn, you just need a common lower lift wire and a 2 5/8″ tank ball, (that is the most common size if the measurement is not indicated on the box).

Viewing 3 reply threads
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