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      I replaced the siglelever faucet unit with a Magnum Replacement Cartridge #1225 but the faucet still leaks! Why? The uint is locked down with the brass split key and the brass retainer for the spout unit is twisted down tight. I replaced the rubber seals on the spout unit. They are water tight BUT the faucet still DRIPS. What’ll I do??? Suggestions welcome SMILE

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      Is the moen you have a pull out spary model?

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      No Scott, this Signle Lever Moen has no spray.

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      It sounds like you got a bad cartridge. we sell about 50-#1225 cartridges a month and recently we had 6 deffective cartridges. Try a 1200 cartridge that may solve the problem.


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      My local plumbing supply shop suggested I was attaching the single lever handle without dissembling it from the plastic cover and therefor NOT getting the straight side of the handle O-opening hooked over the brass holdown nut.Scott, I tried this and the leak stopped! Thanks for your concern! //ArtWeld

Viewing 4 reply threads
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