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        WE have lived in our home for 5 yrs. up until the past few months the water was fine. Now, ALL I seem to see are greenish stains on all my porcelian sinks & the smell in the bathrooms after showers is TERRIBLE. What is the problem & how do we fix it? I can smell it on my sheets & on my kids hair & hands, I hate this!!!

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          drilled wells are a funny thing, you can drill a well and the water will be great. Over time the water running through the under ground aquifers can hit mineral deposits and when it does the water picks up these minerals and is then pumped into your househould water system, changing the once terrific water into something that you have been experiencing. It sounds like you have a problem with PH and sulphur. A PH level lower than the neutral 7 level can be acidic, and in copper plumbing systems will slowly deteriorate the the copper piping leaving the green stains on your porcelain and fiberglass fixtures. Have a reputable water conditioning company do a water test, these problems are correctable with the proper equipment. Good luck and let us know how things come out. Scott Thurston

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            I know this doesn’t solve your problem but it can help. We have a shallow well which picks up an awful “dead worms” smell during the spring/summer and yes even winter from time to time. We have to dump a cup or two of bleach in it, let it sit, then run all the taps to clear the bleach out before we wash clothes or bodies. a temporary fix, but the only option at this time. we also get the blue and green rings…lime away for bathrooms works.

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