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      I have a 4″ cast iron closet flange that is sitting about 1″ too low due to a bathroom remodel. The flange is joined to the closet elbow with a lead and oakum joint. The flange is in good shape. Is there a product available that would let me build up the flange to the correct height? I am thinking of something like stackable annular rings.
      I would rather not have to remove the flange. The flange and elbow are not accessible from below in case something breaks. If I have to, how difficult is it to melt the lead and pull the flange? I would then have to use a deeper flange that would sit higher. Are these available?
      Thanks for your help.

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      See if any plumbers in your carry a product called, ULTRA SEAL, they make these in 3&4inch sizes. These seals eliminate the need for the wax ring. These seals are good for your application.

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