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        We have a castiron tub, that has a loose foot. The foot doesn’t slot into the groove in the basin. We can’t file the slot any more, because it is already worn. How can we thicken the slot or groove to make this work?


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        Avatar photoJerry Peck

          If the cast iron foot holds the weight of the tub, but is loose, try one of the strong, hard, two-part stick epoxies.

          I would not rely on these epxoies to hold the weight of the cast iron tub as those tubs are very heavy, however, I think they should work when using them as a shim to make the leg fit tighter. Think of the epoxy as a moldable shim that you can force into the gaps between the leg and the tub socket where the epoxy shim will harden into what ever shape it is forced into.

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