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      Please advise if you have any suggestions for purchasing replacement parts for a Sears Care Free combination shower & tub
      faucet (mfgd originally by Milwaukee for Sears) The number on the escutcheon is 609-208210. Net results from Sears and the Danco
      Co. have been obsolence with parts NO LONGER available. I also listed the search on YAHOO and ebay auction sites(zero leads).
      The typical plumbers nightmare is that the house was built around the tub! The cartridges are red plastic and I have digital photos if anyone would need further I.D.

      Sure hope you can provide anything positive.

      Thank you.

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      Scott Bryan

      Jack, We stock all the original parts for that faucet. Go to our web site and look at the parts breakdown for the Universal Rundle – Sears – Carefree faucets to get the correct part numbers.


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