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      I’ve tried to extract the faucet seat with a seat wrench but the inside rim of the seat nearly disintegrated. I’ve replaced the stem but obviously I am going have to replace that seat. Does anyone know any tricks to get a corroded seat out of a faucet. If not, how about a temporary fix to stop the leaking. I just can’t afford to replace the entire faucet right now. Any replies will be greatly appreciated.

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      Scott Bryan

      You can use a screw extractor to remove seats that have stripped out. If you can identify the brand of faucet you have I may be able to tell exactly what seat should be in the faucet and give you the exact size of extractor you need. Go to our web site and see if you can identify the stem you have and let me know and I will see what we can do.

      Good luck,
      Scott http://www.plumbingpartsdepot.com

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      The brand of the faucet is Gerber. I don’t know the model number right now since I’m at work. Hopefully this is enough info.

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      Scott Bryan

      Try a number 5 screw extractor that should work but if the seat is too worn you may need to use a number 6.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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