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      On a domestic water heater with an upper & a lower thermostat what is the delta between the two thermostats & which one is set higher?

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      Since the upper one is essentially a back up unit for operation when the water demand is greater than the lower one can supply, its setting can be equal to or lower than the bottom one. Because of stacking the water at the top of the tank will be hotter than the lower thermostat setting, and if the upper one is set higher than the bottom thermostat, it could, and will, cause the reset button to trip due to excessive temperature.

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      While you’re on the subject, I would like to convert my 80 gallon electric water heater to a two element quick recovery system. I know I’ll need a second element plus two new thermostats, but can anyone tell me how these are wired and can I use a 5,500 watt element at the top & bottom?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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