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      I need replacement handles for a bathtub and shower. The original equipment was by CareFree and I am
      having problems finding replacements to fit.
      I would like to find the address and telephone # of this company so I might find how I can replace these knobs. The originals were acrylic and have broken apart. They are approximately 9 years old. I would very much appreciate your response to this inquiry.

      Leigh Mott

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      Handles and parts for carefree faucets are available at

      The parts are becomming very hard to get since the company has closed down but there are still parts available.


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      Handles and parts are available at fot the carefree faucets. Parts for this faucet are gettingget because the company that made them (Universal Rundle) has closed, but we still have many parts.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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