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      I’m looking at installing a water softener. I know it needs to connect to the system before the water heater. When checking my house inlet plumbing I have three lines (all copper) coming into the house framing. One is 3/4″ and travels up the wall towards the inlet of the water heater. The other two lines branch off just above the slab and go back into the slab. One is small (1/2″ or less) and the other is about the same size as the input line.

      Does anyone have any ideas on what the other lines may be for? I think one might be for the outside water spigots (to keep them separated from a softener), but I’m not sure. Oh yeah, the hot water (after the heater) also goes back into the slab with 3/4″ pipe and also has a smaller pipe branched off right before the slab.

      I appreciate any inputs.

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      You haven’t lived in this house for long maybe? Look closely around the home and you may find an existing bypass this may have been removed. It would look like a pipe comes out of a wall and then just return back maybe painted over. If an old softener was installed in this house they would have had to tie into the existing copper and run around the house to a location that would best suite the water softener. It’s possible your home may have had a softener installed before. Good luck

      Respectfully David

Viewing 1 reply thread
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