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      Help, just bought old house with no shower – only a lovely old claw foot tub.

      I see photos everywhere of converted plumbing systems that create stand-up permanent showers, but can’t figure out how to conver this oldie. It has a veryl slender spout that has graduated step-downs where I assume one would have just popped a rubber hose on that would be gripped tightly ast you pushed the hose up the “steps”. But the only thoing I have seen htat would go onto the spout is a “travel shower” which is not my long term need.

      the H/C lines go directly to the faucets. How do I tap into the system? I want my hands free shaoer massager as soon as possible! Help!

      Any links to other sites? Any buy on line possibilities? Any conversion kits? I open to all ideas.

      Thanks for your help. mckenna

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      Scott Bryan

      Take a look at this web site…
      they offer many leg tub shower kits. We have sold their products for years, they are not cheap but the quality is very good and you get what you pay for.


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