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      I want to replace 40 year pipes and fittings from the water meter at the street to the house with copper pipe. Could an amateur do this and how?

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      Delberts: There are many sub- classifications of Do-it-Yourself
      folks. Some have great mechanical skills and all kinds of hand and electrical tools. Others have no grasp of things mechanical, no tools of any sort and lack the ability to find their own fanny with a flashlight.
      To answer your question re: the
      new water line..Are you prepared to dig a trench deep enough to prevent the new piping from freezing in the cold winter months?
      Is your local building dept. going to issue a permit to do this type of work? Is copper the right material for the water line? What does the local water supplier use
      for water service lines? Are you
      prepared to make the connections at the curb stop and meter?
      Find out what tools…skills and materials will be required to accomplish this simple task and then decide wheather you think you can handle the job.
      Lots of luck…Elzo

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