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      I’m the controller for a country club. We are in the process of replacing our bathrooms. I’ve talked to our local plumber and asked him for recommendations on what to do to keep the urinals from clogging with “mineral” deposits. We spend a small fortune per year to keep them clean. What equipment is best as a new installation to minimize this problem? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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      A good flushing system to move the urine out of the urinal

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      I agree that good flushing system is needed, but if they are not flushed after every use you are fighting a losing battle. I would also recomend that you use automatic flush valves, you will notice a much cleaner area, they are well worth the cost.

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      Get SLOAN ROYAL flusometers THEN convert them to automatic flushing Works every time as people are VERY LAX today

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      Any automatic flushing system MUST be activated by either the door being opened/closed, or motion sensor infront of the urinal. Do not use a system that flushes a set number if times per/min as this only wastes water. And these are not permitted under AS3500 in Australia

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Viewing 4 reply threads
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