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      I’m not a plumber, and I’m wondering if my basement is ready- to-go for a full bath. Here’s what I have:
      There are 2 black PVC pipes coming up thru the concrete floor. One pipe is 3″ in dia. and the other is 3 1/2″. These pipes are about 16″ apart from each other. There is a square hole measuring 12″ in dia. and it is filled with dirt. This hole is approx 3 ft from the PVC pipes. I have a 20″ dia. hole in the floor that is tightly sealed with a heavy steel manhole-type cover. This cover has 3 2″ holes thru it, and the hole is about 2 ft from my sump pump hole. I take it that this is where the sewage pump would be installed. My question is, other than the pump, what else is required to get things up and running? I can handle the carpentry and framing, but I know nothing about this type of plumbing. I’m also on a well and septic system. Thanks for your input.

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      The square box is for the bathtub. The 3″ pipe is the vent, and the 3 1/2″ should be for the toilet. You need to connect the tank vent and the plumbing vent together and extend them up to the roof, unless they provided a pipe for you to connect it into. When you run the vent you will also install a fitting for the lavatory drain. Then you also need to install the water piping and tub/shower faucet.

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