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      Must have clean drivers license and be able to be bonded.

      MUST work well with apprentices
      (educate them not abuse them)

      Starting salary up to $40 per HR plus benefits.
      Anything over 35 hrs is paid double time

      Please E mail me with
      your qualifications and job experiences Thanks

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      Sylvanlump: I have a clean drivers license. It’s a little tattered from age, but I be gettin a new one soon. Now this bonding thing, what’s that all about? Nothin Kinky is it?
      I have plowed the fields with stubborn cranky mules, I’m sure I could git along with them apprentices and show them a thing or two as well.
      This $40 per HR sounds mighty good…but what is a HR? and how hard are they to catch?
      As for the benefits, I still have some of those unemployment checks comin; but I can come to work for you soon as I get the last benefit check.
      I worked part time at the Home depot plummin department and I got lots of experiences and
      qualifications. Duz you have 401-K
      and retirement benefits? Uniforms?
      Hospitalization? with Dental? and how much paid vacation do I git the first year? kin I add my sick days to the vacation time?
      I’m sure we can work out the details. I’ll be there after I gets my last unemployment check.

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      where are you located? 17 year commercial plumber waiting for hotel project to start, but weighing my options..apprenticed in nj, currently living in florida, but willing to relocate..also have 5 years estimating experience.was project mgr., and field supervisor for many high profile projects..most recent..disney sports complex..maint. facility, orl. intl. airport bus maint. facility…,have done close to 100 restaurants, and numerous other commercial projects..knowledge of codes ,for instance, the fixture units will be revised this year……email me with more info at thanx, jim

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