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      I haven’t bled the lines in my base board heat for years because for one I didn’t know I had to and second I can’t tell where.
      Is there an on line manual or diagram I can reference?
      I checked the heaters in each room. I can only find the pipes coming in and out, nothing that I could push to bleed them. The pipes, from what I can tell just go back the unit. Where on earth do I bleed these lines from?????
      To make matters worse I cannot find a plumber or heating tech in my area that will service my heat. I’ve called almost everyone in the phone book.

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      WOW good thing you came on here the VERY WORST thing you can do to a hot water heating system is bleed it unnecessarily.

      All fresh water contains oxygen, Oxygen causes oxidation of ferrous metals (RUST and corrosion)

      Every hear of the expression if it aint broke DON’T FIX IT?

      A lot of loop systems do not have a bleeder by the baseboard and the better systems have an automatic bleeder installed so you have nothing to do.

      If the time does come that a section of this heating system doesn’t get hot then there are lots of viable bleeding options.

      In the mean time you honestly should keep trying to locate a LMP heating professional just to give your system a sound check up to insure proper combustion is taking place GOOD LUCK

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      My forced hot-water heating pipes sound like a river running through them. Do they need bleeding and where/how do I bleed them?


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