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      Mick Thompson

      how do i calculate the ideal rataitor wattage output required for a room? Room sizes ; bedroom 3m 4m 3m high, lounge 5m 4m 3m high, dinning room 3m 4m 3m high, kitchen 3m 6m 3m high thanx

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      fourth year

      You do not have enough information. The room size is a minor consideration. You need to know the potential outdoor temperature, the indoor design temperature, window sizes, exterior wall exposure and orientation, room insulation, floor construction and underlying area to make even a good guess.

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      Thanks for the info

      more information if you can help me is

      Each room has a window approximatlety the full width of the shortest side and is the only exterior wall, the floor in all cases is floorboards, the minimum exterior temperature is arround -6C as the house is in the North of the UK with the avarage winter temp being around 4-6C – insulation wise there is a cavity wall with no cavity insulating material to the best of my knowledge


Viewing 2 reply threads
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