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      When I flush my toilet it “squeals” as the tank is filling back up. I understand this is probley water in the line, but what can I do to stop it. It was doing it last summer and then stopped and then started back up in July of this year. I keep hoping it will just go away but I’m about to go crazy.

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      The odds are the rubber inside the inlet valve has perished. Try replacing it

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      Rhonda: Try turning the handle on the water supply to the toilet tank
      in a clockwise direction until it stops screaming at you.
      It’ll probley help.

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      Rhonda Downey

      Hey Bungie, do you mean the “shut off valve”? Or is this something in the tank? I have tried to regulate the flow (as Akmed suggested) in the hopes of silencing this infernal racket, but no luck. Oh and thanks for the other tip mr. masked magician. (the hound lady)

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      If you tried to throttle the water supply to this tank and it still makes lots of noise.

      Call a legitimate “plumber”
      to install a new code approved ball cock.

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      inside the tank you have an inlet valve (sometimes called the ball valve), and the outlet valve (flush valve). inside the top of the inlet valve is a small rubber washer. This perishes with age and water conditions. You can either replace the rubber, or fit a new fluidmaster style valve

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      Rhonda Downey

      My toilet doesn’t scream anymore, thank you!

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