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      I just bought an old house. When cleaning, I noticed that the cabinet under the sink was damp. The pipes under the sink were dry, but when I felt the bottom of the sink itself, it was soaking wet. It seemed that the bottom of the sink, or maybe the seal around the drain was leaking. Is this a major problem? I’m so tired of writing checks with lots of zeroes!

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      Lots of zeros may be the problem.
      I like receiving checks with no zeros.
      At any rate the problem you speak of could be any number of things.
      1)The basket strainer on the sink is bad and needs to be replaced, or the putty around the basket strainer has disenegrated and needs new.
      2)The sink has a crack in it and needs to be replaced.
      3)The sprayer is loose and is spraying water under the sink.
      4)The faucet is leaking from under the deck and needs to be tightened, repaired or replaced.
      5)The dishmachine air gap is leaking and needs to be replaced.
      6) The dishmachine waste hose is bad or a hose clamp needs tightening.
      Now, a Licensed Plumbing Contractor would have no problem troubleshooting and repairing this problem for you.
      The downside is it will cost you more than zero.
      Good Luck,
      The Local Plumber
      Tustin, California http://www.TheLocalPlumber.com
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      Dependeds where you are. Here in summer, we have a party, put ice in the sink and it rains under the bowl. Condensation from the warm cupboard and the cold bowl. Of course, in your place it sounds like the waste as it goes through the bowl is leaking.

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