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        Is CPVC (rated for 180°F) allowed to be connected directly to the discharge of a water heater T&P safety relief valve (which discharges at 210°F or 150 psi)?

        What affect does this have on the CPVC when discharging at 210°F?

        Has any research been done on this?

        If not, what is the minimum distance separation and what materials are allowed to be used for that separation?

        Do you have any references from a manufacturer, code, or reference source I can view?

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          In Queensland, PVC can be used from the safe tray out, but direct from the T&P valve is copper pipe.

          Its not so much when discarghing, but that the valve is always VERY hot. The same as with nylon olive on the first fitting on the hot water system. They bugger up very fast.

          Well IMHO anyway

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