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        I have an electric water heater that is 5 years old. I normally turn it off when I am out of town. I turned it off last Friday and returned and turned it back on Wednesday. I am not getting hot water. I double-check the breaker box and have turned it on properly. Could it be that the wter heating element needs cleaning? Or could it be that I need a new themostat switch? Any tips on what steps I should take to fix this problem would be appreciated.


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        Avatar photobungie

          Breaker or fuse, if fuse replace the wire. sometimes it broken but doesnt appear to be. If its any more than that it might be best to get a sparky in.

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          Avatar photoJerry Peck


            The problem could be one of several things.

            1) bad breaker or fuse
            2) bad circuit
            3) top element burned out
            4) thermostat went bad

            to name a few.

            Recommend you call an electrician, if they can’t solve it, call a plumber. I suggested the electrician first as there is more for them to check.

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            Avatar photofourth year

              You forgot the most likely one, the reset button may have popped out due any combination of bad thermostats and/or elements.

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