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      Is there an education division of Master Plumber in the Indianapolis Area? I am currently researching the
      question “How can a plumbing company attract, hire and retain qualified plumbers?” and I’m having difficulty finding relevant sources of information. Your website is one of two or three on the internet – and I’d like to have a “local”
      source, if possible. I would appreciate any direction you may offer.
      S. Runyan

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      When you have completed your research. Please let me know your findings.
      Thank You,
      Now Hiring
      The Local Plumber
      Tustin, California

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      My top mechanic I was paying $55 per hr in the envelope.

      A 2nd year “helper” was makng over $20 per hr and the mechanics make between $35- $45 per hr.

      The top guy said he couldnt work more then 35 hours per week BUT he had to be off every Fri in the summer so he could go gambling.

      It is impossible to find Qualified and willing to work employees.

      My heating guy I was paying OVER $125 PER HR for week end and night time calls now he doesnt want to work even though I split these calls 50-50 with him.(we get $250 per hr plus materials)

      So I just gave up all work on week ends and no work after 3:30 pm Mon – Fri.

      The money is not even an issue or benifits.
      Folks just dont want to work.

      If you find how to keep a decent mechanic let me know.

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      Harold Kestenholz

      Many people would like to be a plumber. The pay is good and the learning never ends. There is the benefit of working on your own and the opportunity to display rare skills. These are the benefits of the occupation.

      Unfortunately, the hours are often equivalent to that of a surgeon. There is rarely time to be where you need of want to be for personal reasons unless you are working for an enlightened employer whow understands the personal requirements for a family and emotional health.

      There are business management techniques and practices that inmprove the working conditions of both employer and employee. While not directly addressing plumbing businesses there are many published resources to improve the employment picture.

      Most colleges have courses for employee relations and business practices; there is one in your local area. There are some Service Management books on the
      web site.

      As a former Employment Counselor for the state of New Jersey, Director of Education for the Hydronics Institute, and consultant, I continue an interest in effective employment practices. The knowledge is spread throughout the world, as employee retention is always a highly valued attribute. It is always much less expensive to retain an employee than to train a new one in a highly skilled profession.

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