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      Does anyone know where I can get a
      Miracle Water Softner series 1
      Model # 701991 repaired in the
      St. Louis Mo area. Thanks Linda Kelly

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      Linda, you would do best to get it repaired by the local water treatment people. Take a look in the local yellow pages.

      The problem is that water softeners and reverse osmosis systems can be private labeled and ordered from the OEM (original equipment manufacture) just about any way you would like.

      It’s not that your softener is a poor quality or anything like that. There are just so many companies out there and only so many OEM’s.

      Chances are if it was purchased locally than you should be able to get parts locally too. Don’t pay more than $200.00 for any residential softener repair you can buy a great new softener for $450.00.

      Finally ask a lot of questions you will find the right person just by calling around try a business that prides itself on being independent or has been in business for 15 years or more. Not all of us water treatment folk are snake oil salesmen.

      Respectfully David F. Walling

      RO/CONN http://www.roconn.com
      David F. Walling
      7000 N. 16th St. Ste.120 Pmb. 105
      Phoenix, AZ 85020
      Voice 800-617-1474 or 602-432-5402
      Fax 602-331-1122

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