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      Avatar photoStu Lorton

        I live in an appartment building (about 7 years old) and I experience extremely bad sewer smell entering the appartment from the air conditioner fresh air vent, usually at night. My first concern is whether or not this is a health hazard. My next question is there anyone who can test the air and present a case to the body corporate to have the problem fixed. I have been on the roof and to my amazement the roof is surrounded by a 9 ft wall and all the expelled air vents and the air intakes are all at floor level along with the sewer vents about 3 ft from floor level. I find it hard to beleive that the job could ever have been approved. Even standing on the roof during the day with a slight breeze I cant stand the stench. Is there a statutary body I can contact for help, not the council, they are not sympathetic at all. Thanks in advance.

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        Avatar photoDavid Don

          David:—It sounds to me like your trying to do the right thing for yourself and those that share your apartment building. Building Departments are notoriously indifferent to after the fact problems associated with buildings that have already gotten the final inspection and the C.O.s have been issued. No sense jousting with wind mills, take your case to The Board Of Health…The City Attourney. ..The local TV Advocacy group in your area. Send your inquiry for assistance with your claim by registered mail (with delivery receipt request). It is truly amazing how coopperative and animated these Bureacratic Functionaries can be when someone goes on record for action on a potential problem. Send a Copy of your request to The Office of the Mayor or your State Senator or Congressman. Lots of luck..let us know the outcome………..Bud..

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