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      We just bought a house, built in 1979. The house has low hot water pressure. It is especially noticeable upstairs in both bathrooms but there is a noticeable difference in water pressure between hot and cold water throughout the house. The water heater is a Ruud P50-2N, 50 gallon gas heater, doesn’t look too old.

      Of course, virtually all of my options involve calling a plumber for repairs but I’d like to know what I’m likely to be in for.

      Is the problem likely to be a restriction in the hot water line itself or could it be caused by the water heater?

      On a perhaps unrelated issue, I notice that the faucet “whistles” sometimes. The pitch varies and can be eliminated by moving the faucet handle towards the cold side. I’ve been led to believe that this is an indication of an air leak somewhere in the water line but don’t fully understand how I could have an air leak vice water leak.

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      Is it copper piping throughout the house?
      It sounds like a hot water restriction, possibly a partially closed valve or pipe.
      Not really enough info. to help on this one.
      Good Luck
      The Local Plumber
      Tustin, California http://www.TheLocalPlumber.com

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      The house appears to have copper throughout the house. Everywhere that I can see, at least, is copper. I replaced two of the shower heads when we moved in so I know that it’s not the fixtures themselves that are clogged.
      I checked the numbers on my water heater against the class action lawsuit documents and it isn’t listed as one of the affected water heaters. Also, I saw no evidence of debris when I replaced the two shower heads.
      I suppose that makes it likely that there is a restriction in the copper pipe from the heater. Are there any methods for a plumber to remove or clean out the restrictions without replacing all of the pipe?

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      It is unlikely that copper piping is your problem.
      It sounds as if the restriction is either 1.)in the valve that supplies the cold water to the heater,replace valve or 2.) In the pipe just as it leaves the water heater (some heaters have a small ball that acts as a heat trap) it may be stuck in the pipe. Remove pipe as it leaves water heater and inspect.
      Since all of your fixtures act the same with low HOT water pressure, it is doubtfull that the problem lies with each fixture.
      It has to be one of the above.
      Good Luck,
      The Local Plumber
      Tustin, California http://www.TheLocalPlumber.com

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