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      Can someone please let me know how deep schedule 40 pipe has to be installed in the ground if it goes under a household driveway with normal family traffic. Is there any other type of drain pipe that can be used? Possibly corrugated?


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      Brian: What is the drain for….
      Sanitary drainage..Storm drainage?
      In my area schedule 40 PVC is allowed if it has 2′ of cover over it. You could use schedule 80 or even C-900 if you are concerned with vehicular traffic.
      Corrugated steel is not the best
      choice for a long term solution.
      Lots of luck….Bud.

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      Personally for under ground piping I use extra Heavy Cast iron especially in knowing there is traffic.

      I just hate call backs so I use the better materials.

      Remember materials are CHEAP Labor is the expensive part especially if the work has to be performed in only a few short years due to product failure.

      PVC does not have the crushing strength of cast Iron piping (Tensile)

Viewing 2 reply threads
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