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      My electric 50 gallon hot water heater was installed in May 1992. Recently I have noticed that there is not enough hot water to run a bath and then take a shower. I looked into the dip tub class action information but it looks like it only applies to hot water heaters manufactured between August 1993 and October 1996.

      Does anyone have a suggestion of how I can deduce what the problem is with my hot water heater?

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      Usually with an electric water heater with two elements the lower element can be defective. The heater will still heat witht the top element but you will only get less than half the hot water heater capacity. If the top element goes out you will get no hot water since the thermostat for the upper element also controls power to the lower element. There is also a possibility that the dip tube is broken off or fell into the tank. This cause cold water entering the tank to immediately mix with the hot that is already stored and you will get mostly lukewarm water at the taps. If you are getting fully hot water for several minutes and then a gradual cool down then it is probably a lower element or thermostat problem. Hope this helps some!

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