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      What is sludge made of?

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      Rachelle:—There are different kinds of sludge Im sure. But if your talking about the kind that would be found on a plumbing forum, it is whats left after sewage has been treated at the local treatment plant. It used to be spread on orange groves and other vegetable crops as a fertilizer. It has since been decided by the EPA that it is a toxic substance, and must be buried in the landfills of this country….Bud…What is sludge made of?

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      Rachael,Sludge can also be settlement of particles in the water supply. Turbidity (suspended matter) will settle on the bottom of a tank while the water is still. Take a glass, fill it from the tap, pick up a small amount of dirt and shake the glass. You will see a cloudy mixture, let ti settle for a few minutes and sludge will form on the bottom of the glass. The same thing happens in a water tank. Add to what Bud said and you have the whole picture. Why is it so? Mossy: What is sludge made of?

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      : What is sludge made of? how can sludge be re-used? how can sludge be minimised?

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