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        I have problems with a new (installed about 1 yr. ago)Kohler K-3420-EB/K-3421-PB toilet. When it is flushed (even with water ONLY)it almost overflows the bowl every time. It comes all the way up to the top. I have plunged it, snaked it with a 1/4 snake, called Kohler, and had a plumber in to check the sewer & snake it. The other two older, non water saving, and non Kohler toilets in the house work fine. This commode is unusable!!! My last resort is to JUNk the toilet and take a loss, and find a used, non water saving toilet!!! Can You HELP!!!!!

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        Avatar photoPaul L.

          Paul, Kohler no longer makes the K3421. The replacement Wellworth does work better. The early 1.6 toilets were not ready for prime time, however, great strides have taken place since. For a report on the toilets that work, check out the link below. Regards, Terry Love

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          Avatar photoPaul L.

            paul, i agree with terry love re: the models that came out a few years ago were not ready. in our area, we push the toto model carouse 2-piece toilet. we have installed over 50 of these models and not one call back. these models sell in white around here for approx$149.00 with the soft close seat. I would recommend replacing with new kohler or go with the toto model. best of luck! raymond

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