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      We have low water pressure. I have well water which gets pumped up to a holding tank in my house. From there the water goes though a whole house filter(we have iron),we use a 20 micron pleated cartridge, then the water passes though a water softener,if we bypass the filter and softener our water presure is still not any better than when they are in use. Is there something we can do to bump up our pressure?

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      Some things you can do if your pumping system is in good working order is to adust the pressure switch up. These are normally set on 30-50 lbs. The pump kicks on at 30 psi and off at 50 psi..You should check first to see if this is the case. There should be a pressure gauge and pressure switch at the well tank or pump. Make a note of what the pressure gauge reads and have someone open a faucet to bleed some pressure till the pump kicks on. Make a note of the pressure at that point. Then close all faucets and let the pump build up and cut off. Make a note of the pressure at that point. You can adjust them to 40-60 but sometimes that is difficult for the pump to attain depending on condition and type. If that seems to be all normal then check to see what kind of valves are installed in the system like the main valve at the pressure tank and the valve that should be installed at the water heater. If these are globe valves(the ones that use seats and washers)change them out to gate or ball valves which will not restrict water flow. If you have homemade bypass valves for your water softener they should also be gate or ball type valves. Consider installing two whole house filters side by side so that you will not get so much restriction or friction loss. This is usually a big help since the friction loss across a single whole house filter is quite high. All you have to do is tee off the incoming line to the filter and install a second filter and then rejoin the outlets into the single line feeding the house.Hope this is of some help!

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