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      I have well water and the water that comes straight from the pump smells like sulfer. What can be the cause and the treatment if any. And is this dangerious.

      Thank you
      Patsy Young

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      Dear Pasty the best advise that i can give you is to take a sample of this water down to your local council and haveit checked out as it could well be harmfull and need to be attended to

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      There are many physical characteristics of water that can be unpleasant such as turbidity,color,temperature,tastend odor. Ground water passes through the different layers of earth and is naturaly filtered and then collects in what we call aquifers. unfortunatly water sometimes passes through a sulfur bearing strata and thus the odor you encounter when you pump this water from your well for domestic use. I recommend a ROCONN RO unit with an activated carbon filter for a pleasant purified water that you are sure to enjoy.
      V/R Leo

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      Patsy, This is the best information that I have found on this subject it is very informative.

      If you are only concerned about your drinking water I would definitely recommend a reverse osmosis system.

      Thank you Leo for your recommendation of a ROCONN system.

      If you are trying to treat all of the water coming into your house the type of treatment you will want to use will depend on a water analysis. Depending on the results of the test is the only way I can make a specific recommendation for a whole house system.

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      I am a water analytical chemist, not a plumber. organic sulfides and hydrogen sulfide are both by-products of various species of bacteria. Before you hire some snake-oil salesman to sell you an expensive filter that you do not need, get your water tested from your local water dept

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      Patsy, by all means have your water tested before you make an investment. In the end I hope you get the quality of water you desire.

      v/r Leo

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      Madam Patsy: I have read the posts in answer to your question re: the Sulfurous odor in your drinking water.
      Mssr. Richard seems quite knowledgeable on the genisess of this condition. I must confess the thought of billions of flatulent microbes contaminating my driking water with their biogas or bodily secretions is most disturbing.
      I am not feeling very well since I have learned of this water problem…I will call y

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      Akmed: I really enjoyed seeing your response. The truth of the matter is that plumbers know remarkably little about water quality, though for the most part are professionals in the highest order to protect the health and safety of the nation.
      To that end, I am offering my services in the NY area as an analytical chemist, and I will ONLY work for plumbers, and send my reports to the same. I can tell you what is in the water, and in most cases how much. It is fof YOU, our protector to use that information to recommend the proper course of action.

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      Richard: I too have much happiness with your kind response pertaining to unwanted biological additions to our drinking water supply.
      While investigating this subject, I came across an article by a noted micro biologist titled
      ” Pseudo Bugfartus Gravis” in it he describes in detail measures
      that an be implemented to deal with this problem. With his pioneer research and introduction of the “Nanoturd Filter System”, I feel greatly relieved on the issue of bug borne byproduct blight.
      This noted scholar received recognition for his work on “The reason for Sea water being so salty”, and his conclusion that it was the result of the millions of herring that reside there.

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      Akmed, you crack me up LMFAO!!

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      Akmed, all that and a sense of humor too. I guess you heard that here in NY they are afraid of West-Nile-like virus from mosquitoes. The city rejected my proposal to spray the entire city with Agent Orange LMAO

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      Hi Rihcard, Dave, and Akmed, some good responses to Patsy’s dilema. Akmed the thougth of drinking water with micro feces is kind of scary, what is our water coming to? Bottled water is an option, then again I’ve heard some horor stories on that too. Hey, where’s Bungie, Jack, and fourthyear, don’t these wizkids have any ideas? Sylvan what is your experiance with this water condition?

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