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      We have a hotwater problem. We can get up in the morning, beautiful hot shower (very short one), 10 mins later the water is luke warm. The tempreture drops dramatically in a short time, and no its not running out. We have replaced the element, thermoste. It seemed ok for a couple of days, then the ajax valve blew, water everywhere inside. Replaces that, working better, then funny noises coming from the pipes when we use the hot water. This is very frustrating, and help or suggestions very much appreciated.

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      I am unfamiliar with an ajax valve and how it pertains to your problem.
      It sounds as if the dip tube is missing or broken.
      The dip tube allows cold water to enter the heater at the bottom of the tank. If the dip tube is missing or broken, cold water can enter the tank at the top, mixing with the hot water and thus making it luke warm or appear as if the hot water is running out.
      Good Luck,
      The Local Plumber
      Tustin, California

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      Post the brand and model of the hot water system please

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