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        On my Boiler I have to lines of 2 inch iron pipe coming out, one out of the Top and one out of the front the one out of the front has the circulator on it, which one is the supply line ?

        Also what’s the best way to remove cast iron pipes from upper rooms, can I just cut them if so is a metal blade on a reciprocating saw good to go or do I need to un-screw them all ?

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        Avatar photoHarold Kestenholz

          The line out of the top is the most likely candidate for being the supply line. Old units used to have the circulator on the return line to save the seals from hot water.

          The best way to remove the pipe is the way that works best for what you intend. Cutting the lines with a saw that can cut flush to the floor is one way. But it would seem you need to have the old pipe removed to below the floor level to be able to refinish. Many times a large pipe wrench will either unscrew the pipe or break the threads. If the pipe is truly cast iron, then breaking the elbows with a heavy hammer is another way. At times heating a joint breaks the rust, and sometimes cutting with oxyacetylene is necessary.

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